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BMG's Bitcoin Mining Business

BMG’s bitcoin mining business uses a dedicated machine R300 to mine bitcoins.
R300 has secured many disadvantages of conventional bitcoin miners. R300 reduced the vulnerability of the existing mining machines, excessive power consumption and noise, and minimized the heat generated by machines. In addition, the R300 has a lot less installation area than the existing bitcoin mining pool. The speed of hash calculation of R300 has been greatly increased, and the profitability of bitcoin mining has been maximized through various environmental control and management.

Encryption Currency consulting

Ownership of the largest encrypted currency mining pools overseas. Bitcoin mining company BMG puts trust and stability first.

"BMG management system ensures maximum performance and efficiency"

BMG dedicated terminal system is BMG Rack that performs complex environment control of rack based Bitcoin mining terminal and large scale mining terminal, and BMG mining It consists of BMG Management Construction that operates the infrastructure. BMG Management Construction is a complex environment control system for rack-based BMG mining terminals. Optimum mining profitability is guaranteed. In particular, it minimizes heat generation from BMG terminals and introduces smart power management technology to minimize power consumption.

BMG Management System

consists of a Lego-Block type system to provide massive mobility and scalability.

You can maximize the quality of services

by taking advantage of this unique infrastructure by greatly increasing the independence and operability of mining devices in the BMG integrated operating platform.

BMG R300

Release date : Nov. 2019
Hashing Power : 3,000 TH/S
Power consumption : 40,000w
SHA-256 ASIC Chip

_BMG Mining Pool Solution_

"Build Lego-Block Platform with Productively, Efficiency and Scalability"

High efficiency and scalability High mining management Need for quick and stable construction of integrated control system

Features of the BMG Operating Platform

- Improved mining productivity by high-performance optimization (tuning) of H / W and S / W for BMG-only mining terminals

- Samsung's semiconductor devices maximize durability (Minimize operational life, physical errors, and system downtime)

- Mining productivity analysis and automatic improvement through development of S / W dedicated to terminal operation and big data analysis

- Equipment operation management of mining terminal and mining plant

- Monitoring power consumption, operating environment, analyzing mining and mining efficiency, and performing automatic recovery of faulty terminal

- Display operation policy through platform operation personnel management, system operation history management, and AI-based experience information

- Provides flexible system expandability when adding miners, mining groups and mining plant add-ons in mining factories

- Improved miner version (1st and 2nd generation) and manage physical heterogeneous miners as one BMG miner

- Provides an interface that can be directly connected to existing miners and mining factories when building Bitcoin Pool

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"Provide high yield based on specialized terminal performance"


Considering the high level of bitcoin mining productivity, direct contracts with Samsung Electronics and specialized SW development and Tuning provides world class mining performance


Collect and collect all mining available value, overclick value, error occurrence, and profit rate of each miner Analyze the hash value, over value, and bitcoin mining probability to reflect real-time processing in the mining process. Continuous mining productivity


Production monitoring of mining production resources in the plant consisting of miners and mining groups, automatic reset recovery in case of failure Maintained with the introduction of the BMG platform with features, power consumption management and minimization, and optimal operational staffing management Reduce maintenance costs and manage high levels of productivity


Mining pool configuration control maximizes mining efficiency through mining group control

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