Toward a better future

with BMG

Toward a better future

with BMG

Toward a better future

with BMG


Business Field We're working

Bitcoin Mining Pool

Starting with bitcoin mining in 2017...

Good People

BMG offer ways to participate in a variety of projects...

Golf Resort(Construction)

In Kyrgyzstan, which is called Switzerland in Central Asia, it is...

Silver Town(Construction)

About any facility where you can enjoy life and leisure after retirement in the benefits...

Gold Mining

Gold mining is on of BMG's revenue business. In the future...


Distribution and supply of all things related to Korean culture such as K-pop, K-drama...

BMG Group's affiliates_

_We create a more stable future life for human_

Affiliated companies

BMG International Corp.
(Hong Kong)

BMG Corp., launched in August 2019 as the holding company in BMG Group, manages equity investment portfolios on a corporate level, and efficiently allocates resources to subsidiaries in order to foster quality products and services, business projects(investment, development, mining, etc.) to lead the global market. 

BMG International Corp.

BMG Corp.(Guangzhou) is a leading related-bitcoin company that has a comprehensive role in bitcoin-related projects within BMG Group. BMG is strengthening its market dominace of bitcoin mining, mining pool managements and operational know-how associated with bitcoin, and is expanding cryptocurrency to form a more future-oriented business portfolio. In the med-to long-term, BMG aims to secure sustainable growth by focusing on the strategic planning of related businesses in china.

BMG International Corp.(Kyrgyzstan)

BMG Corp.(Kyrgyzstan) is in charge of think tanks such as management consulting, research, economic analysis, countermeasures, and marketing of various businesses of BMG group in Kyrgyzstan. In addition Korean-culture is focused on supplying and developing high-quality content to provide differentiated value by serving as a center for delivering to Central Asia and Europe.

BMG E&C (Kyrgyzstan)

With unmatched technical expertise and experience in constructing buildings, civil infrastructure and even homes, BMG E&C is committed to delivering the highest value each and every time. But instead of resting on its laurels, BMG E&C strives to diversify its business scope by developing technological capabilities, while continuing to ensure customer satisfaction and quality control as its top priority. BMG E&C seeks to further strengthen its competitive edge by continuous innovation of process and system, to become ‘The Trusted Builder’ in global markets.

BTMG Corporation.

BTMG specializes in R&D of programs and operating systems. With the highest level of expertise and advanced technology, BTMG supports the business success of its corporate clients and offers distinctly new and enjoyable time to its individual clients. 


NPS, with a vision of “helping customers become winners in the bitcoin mining”, specializes in the fields of bitcoin mining machines. Out of all of NPS’s superior, its chips, cooling systems, power-related modules and boards, in particular, are leading the global markets. NPS is preparing to meet the needs of future-oriented businesses by developing innovative products in the bitcoin mining machines.

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BMG has a variety of businesses through various affiliates. In particular, Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is a base for business, preparing and conducting projects in various fields. BMG have a wide range of business portfolios and investment-related materials. 

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