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Kyrgyzstan is a tourism powerhouse in Central Asia, 

and is providing many support measures at the national level to strengthen its competitiveness. By combining natural tourism resources of Kyrgyzstan, known as Switzerland in Central Asia, and BMG’s technology, we want to build a leisure town to attract tourists on golf course in Southeast Asia and China, and further develop a complex leisure town that can attract tourists from Central Asia and Europe. BMG will build a landmark facility to make Kyrgyzstan a tourist attraction in Central Asia.

Golf Course outline

This business place is located in the north of the city of Bishkek, using the largest natural lake in the suburb of Bishkek to provide facilities such as Golf Club, Golftel and Townhouse, as well as an optimal area for water sports and outdoor camping programs.

# Regional Features
This project area is divided into administrative districts, and this area is mostly composed of farmland. In the former Russia, it was an area that produced seedlings for landscaping, but after independence, it was not managed continuously and became a barren land. It is a popular destination for anglers and campers.

# Location Conditions
It is 25 minutes by car from Bishkek city center and 35 minutes from the airport, so it is easy to access and has good road transportation around the lake.

Townhouse Village

The townhouse will be built around lake ala archa and
will become a luxury townhouse villlage with stunning scenery and golf courses. 

Luxury Leisure Town

Golf courses and resorts are complex resort towns.
It will be a multicultural space where life, leisure, health, healing, fun and business can be combined together.

(multi-complex leisure town & hotel)

(horse riding, yachting, skin scuba, windsurfing, hunting)

(tennis, swimming, jogging, cycling)

(trekking, massage, sauna)

(screen golf, indoor shooting range, comping, billiard, karaoke, bbq)

(banquet hall, various conference room)

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BMG has a variety of businesses through various affiliates. In particular, Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is a base for business, preparing and conducting projects in various fields. BMG have a wide range of business portfolios and investment-related materials.

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