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The demand for entertainment and entertainment broadcasts, which are closely related to the cultural characteristics of the next generation group, is spreading around the world. As a driving force for new cultural production, the revolutionary cultural domain brought about by digital technological innovation is breaking the boundaries between cultural producers and audiences, and the next generation actively participates in the production process of culture in various ways. Living in the 21st century, we are learning, growing, enjoying and working through play and producing infinite added value. BMG will spread the Korean Wave Culture to Central Asia, starting with Kyrgyzstan’s national broadcasting(KTRX). We will build a logistics system that will broadcast various Korean-style dramas, music show programs, entertainment programs,, educational programs, and home shopping and sell related products on/off lines. In additions, various K-POP concerts are planned in Central Asia, mainly in Kyrgyzstan.

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BMG has a variety of businesses through various affiliates. In particular, Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is a base for business, preparing and conducting projects in various fields. BMG have a wide range of business portfolios and investment-related materials.

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